Small animals

We can also board your rabbits or guinea pigs, birds or reptiles while you go away.   We have various sizes and styles of pens within our building.  

We are unable to offer outside boarding as we are surrounded by fields and countryside… and foxes so it would not be safe to have them outside. We have a range of available bedding, from shavings, straw or paper and offer a selection of diets from special mixes, pellets and hay.  Fresh fruit and veggies are included in the price.   Just let us know which your pet prefers.

For birds, we ask you bring them in a cage they are familiar with, along with their preferred food and supplements.  Reptiles should come in their own vivarium, with their heat and UV lights. Live food for reptiles should come in secure tubs.  Fresh fruit, salads or veggies are included in the price.