Dog Boarding

The kennel blocks are divided into two centrally heated buildings offering spacious individual runs for each dog holidaying with us.

Each run has a separate indoor and outdoor run, for which your dog can choose to be inside or outside. There is a large block for the bigger and more active dogs, and a quieter block for the more nervous of boarders.  We will discuss your dogs personality, likes and dislikes with you to be sure we have the right environment for you dog to stay in.

We enjoy taking our boarding dogs out for daily walks in the surrounding local lanes, footpaths and fields.   This gives the dogs time out from the kennel environment, where they can enjoy the scents and smells of the local wildlife.  Please let us know if your dog cannot manage daily walks, or would just prefer a quiet amble close to the kennels.    If you feel your dog would prefer a more active play session, we also have an exercise run where your dog can be off lead and chasing balls or toys.   There is no additional charge for walks.

The cost of boarding your dog with us does not include food.  You will need to bring this along with you, preferably bagged up into daily portions, for the amount of days we have your dog.   As we are limited to storage space, we find a strong ‘bag for life’ type carrier easier to store than a 15kg sack for a stay.

If your dog required medication, then we will administer this for you at no extra charge.  If the medication is required long term, or is critical for your dogs health, please bring a few extra tablets to allow for any delays you may have.

. Every day each kennel is cleaned and disinfected with a high quality anti-virulent to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness and minimal risk of infection to your pet. All our staff have been trained by ourselves, either as an apprentice, or via college to NVQ level.

We will not accept any dog into kennels without an up to date vaccination for which we require proof from your vet.  We strongly advise you to have the kennel cough vaccine, particularly through the warmer months of April to September.   If you are going to have this vaccine, please make sure it is administered at least 14 days before coming to kennels.

You are welcome to  inspect our kennels with by making an appointment for any working day between 2pm – 4.30pm

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your requirements.