Boarding fees

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1 single dog                                                   £21 per day

2 dogs sharing a pen                                     £36 per day


1 single cat                                                    £15 per day

2 cats sharing a pen                                     £26 per day

Small pets  (Rabbits/Guinea Pigs/Birds/Reptiles)

a single pet                                                    £8 per day

2 pets sharing a pen                                      £12 per day

Any pets sharing a pen must be from the same household and live together full time.  We can not have pets from different households in the same pen, even if they are from the same family and spend time together on a regular basis.

Out of Hours Charges

Although we close at 5 pm, our work here is not over for a good few hours. By asking us to stop our evening feeds, walks and play times, you are asking us to delay our end to the day too, so  if you wish to collect your pet between 5 pm and 8 pm there is an out of hours charge of £45.  We are not prepared to end our day, or disturb the resident boarding pets any later than 8 pm.  Collection time is strictly by appointment and must be arranged in advance.  We reserve the right to refuse an out of hours booking if we have plans with our evening.

On Bank Holidays there is an additional £5 for dogs and cats and £1.50 for small animals.  Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Years Day has an additional £10 charge.


All bookings require a deposit to confirm the booking. This covers our admin costs, our time and experience to complete your booking.  The deposit is non refundable and non transferable. If you cancel within 14 days of your intended boarding date, we reserve the right to invoice you for the entire stay.

Total Booking Amount                        Deposit Amount

£10 – £99                                                      £20

£100 – £150                                                  £30

£151 – £199                                                  £40

£200 – £250                                                  £50

£251 – £299                                                  £60

£300 – £350                                                  £70

£351 – £400                                                  £80

Over £400   Please contact us on 01744 815 469

**Your booking is only confirmed once a deposit has been received**

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