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Fully licenced by St Helens council,  AB07

Situated in the countryside surrounding Widnes, St Helens and Warrington, we offer boarding for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and reptiles.

Here, we provide safe and secure boarding for your pets while you take your holiday, knowing our fully trained staff are working hard to provide an enjoyable, stress free stay.

We have been running Clock Face Kennels since Spring 2002, although the kennels had been established long before we arrived. Over the years, we have updated and rebuilt the kennels and cattery and now have a high standard of accommodation for a variety of pets. All our boarding facilities are fully centrally heated, light and bright with music piped through all areas. Our staff have all been trained on site, along side local colleges to gain their NVQs in animal care.

Dogs can enjoy a daily walk around the surrounding country lanes, foot paths and fields, or if you prefer we can exercise them in our enclosed play area. We ask that you bring along their own harnesses, haltis etc so they are comfortable on their walks.

Cats are given individual time by the cattery staff and we do try to encourage them out of their runs during this time for some exercise and games. For older or less active cats, we spend time in the pen with them giving plenty of cuddles.

We welcome any visits or inspections but at present, we need to know when you wish to come to be sure we have someone available to show you round. Just call us on 01744 816344 if you wish to make an appointment to view,  discuss boarding your pets or have any questions. Viewings are available between 2pm and 4pm week day afternoons.

To board with us in peak times, school holidays and bank holidays, you will need to be booking around 4-5 months in advance.  We rarely have last minute spaces during these times.

**Update following new DEFRA legislation effective 1st October 2018**

DEFRA have brought into effect The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 and that means we’ve made a few changes that may affect our customers. Please review the below and as always if you have any questions, please just let us know.

Additional pet’s information

We may ask for more details than previously, e.g. pet’s age, neutering, vaccination, flea and worming information, medical information, behaviour etc. Please don’t be offended, we are now required to ask for this.

Emergency contacts

We now require your emergency contact to be based in the United Kingdom and we also require an email address.

Permission to walk your dog

We now require written permission to walk your dog and we’ve made this really simple for you by having stamps that we can issue on your booking form either issuing permission or stating not to walk your dog.

We apologise for any inconvenience if this means your booking takes longer than previously, however we need to do the above to ensure we’re legally compliant. We appreciate your patience and understanding.