Our new cattery

Over the last few years we have continued to update and upgrade our boarding facilities for our visiting cats.   Firstly, we demolished the old cattery building and built a new larger, brighter building for boarding.   During Covid, we stripped out all the pens and made them all larger, with more levels of shelving and ladders to the higher areas.  All the pens were designed and built to ensure the cats have a warm inside area, with an individual outdoor pen too.

Inside, all the pens are centrally heated,  with a cat flap to the covered outside run with high level shelving.  Inside, you cat can choose high or low level shelves to settle down on.  All the shelves have ladders to the higher areas. Outside, your cat can sit up high and enjoy the views over the neighbouring fields whilst getting plenty of fresh air.

We do not provide food for your cat.  You will need to bring along their usual brand with you to help maintain their health by not changing their diet.   If your cat requires medication, we are happy to administer this for you.  There is no extra charge for this.