Frequently Asked Questions

What food is included in the price?
We do not include food in the cost of your pets stay.  There are so many brands, variants and specifics that our wholesalers cannot meet the demand.  Trying to match up something ‘similar’ can result in your pet getting an upset tummy, so we have opted for the owner to provide the diet the pet is accustomed to.   If we have to improvise with additional food for example a pet that simply refuses to eat the provided meals, there will be a charge on collection for this.
Can I come and view before I book?
Of course, just make an appointment.  We would not expect you to leave your pet somewhere you had never seen.   We will not however allow you to bring your pet along for the viewing.  This causes stress for both your pet and our boarding pets.  Just come along for your appointment and we will show you round the facilities.  Due to trying to keep some of the boarding pets calm, we will only take two people at a time, and do not allow children for the viewings.
How can I pay?
We accept cash and most major credit and debit cards.   We ask for a deposit payment when you book, with the balance payable when you arrive with your pet. The deposit is non refundable and non transferable.
What vaccinations does my pet need?
your pet will need its full annual booster within the last 12 months and should not run out during your pets stay.  We will need your vaccination certificate on arrival to allow your pet into the boarding environment.  We also require kennel cough vaccine (for dogs)  between April and October, and this must be given a clear 2 weeks before the date of boarding.
What if my pet is on medication?
If your pet is on medication we can  administer it for you. We will ask you to record the details of the medication when you arrive  If it is a long term medication,  please ensure there is enough for their stay and extra in case you are delayed on your return journey.  We do not charge extra for giving medication.
Do you groom the pets?
We regularly groom the dogs whilst in our care, and on going home day we give them an extra once over to make sure they are clean and smell fresh for you.  Alternatively, you can book a session with our groomers and have a full bath and blow dry, or a trim when you book your kennel.  While we do brush cats in our care, we do not have a facility to bath them before leaving.
Do you walk the dogs?
Yes, we go out walking every day, regardless of the weather.   Your dog may not wish to venture out in the wildest of weather however, so we appreciate some guidelines as to when and how often you would like your dog to go out.  If you prefer, we can just dedicate the same amount of time to cuddles and 1-2-1 time with one of our members of staff.
How can I book?
you can call us, email us or just call down and meet us.   We will take  your details and your pets preferences for your specified dates.   A deposit  is required to secure the booking.
what are your opening hours?
Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 1pm  &  2pm – 5pm
We are closed on Sundays and all Bank Holidays