Day Boarding

Our day boarding is available 6 days a week from 08:30am-5:00pm for your dog to visit whilst you work or have a day out..

For many working people, dog ownership is not possible due to working hours all decent breeders and good rescue centres will not let you take home a dog that will be left alone all day whilst you work. We offer an alternative that allows you to work and own a dog!

We will feed your dog and take it for a good walk in the surrounding country lanes through the day.

This facility is also an ideal way to help your dog get used to kennels and the staff before you go on holiday. They will be used to ourselves, our kennels and our routines which makes being away from home a little less daunting for first time holiday dogs.  We can take your dog on a regular basis, or simply just when you have workmen in, or fancy a day out without worrying about the dog.

Please not that we do not mix dogs through the day and they do not have group play times with us.  Everything we do is on a 1-2-1 basis with your dog, and they will have their own individual kennel for the day.