Cat Boarding

Our cattery block has had a great makeover, with larger pens, multi level shelves to sleep on, and  with both indoor and covered outdoor runs. Your cat can use its own cat flap to outside, which is a completely enclosed pen, overlooking the surrounding fields.

Each cat has its own individual run, with several shelves of varying height for your cat to choose the best level. There are ladders to the higher shelves, with an enclosed area to enjoy an undisturbed sleep in. Ouside, again lower and higher shelves with ladders give your cat the choice of which viewpoint they prefer.

Each day while a cat run is cleaned and disinfected, each cat is offered play or a cuddle, we try to encourage every cat to spend time with our staff.  When you book with us, we will ask you about your cats diet and do our best to match that with same brands to avoid upsetting your cats routine. If your cat has a specific diet, or you wish to bring your own food this is not a problem.  Medication is given at no extra charge, although we do rely on your cats agreement to take their medication.

The whole of the cattery is fully double glazed, centrally heated and well lit with both natural light from windows and additional lighting.

We will not accept any cat over the age of 6 months that has not been neutered under any circumstance.   We also insist on all cats staying with us to be fully up to date with their vaccines given within 12 months of the boarding time. Proof of vaccination is required and your cat will not be accepted into the cattery without this proof.