Small Animal Boarding


We cater for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs, in our indoor hutches.  We also take tortoises.  Reptiles are fine if you are happy to bring along their viv, heat and light sources which we will plug in and monitor daily.  Birds too must come with their own cage and set up.

We are also happy to look after other smaller rodents provided they come with their own cage and facilities.



All small animal pens are indoor only and we do not offer outdoor runs as we are in the middle of the countryside with a large fox population. At present we can only cater for rabbits and guinea pigs in our own runs, although we are happy to take smaller rodents in their own cages.   We are happy to look after birds too, provided they come in their own cage with their own equipment.

When you make a booking, we will ask which type of bedding and food you would like us to feed your pet.  We always have shavings, straw and paper available for bedding, along with hay,  various brands of mixed food and pellets.  We will do our best to replicate your pets home environment.  We supplement dry foods with a daily portion of fruit or vegetables.

Please feel free to call us any time for advice on any service we offer. We welcome visitors to our kennels and cattery and no appointment is necessary, just call us in business hours.